Take Care of Your Tote Bag

J'Em Creation on Aug 29th 2020

Thank you for your interest and your support !

If you already purchased your customized Tote Bag, read the following instructions to keep your bag as beautiful as the beginning.

Your Tote Bag has been embellished with heat transfer vinyl. Even it took a big heart to make it, some parts of the vinyl may start to peel off. You may fix it yourself by simply using your iron. Put your bag in a flat surface upside down or inside out or use a thin cotton fabric to place between the iron and the vinyl (or a piece of parchment paper). Put you iron on the cotton setting with the steam turned off. Press down on your iron and apply pressure to each part of the design for around 10 seconds. Then check the design to see how it is going. More time under the iron is not necessarily better as too much heat can melt the vinyl. It’s also good to be aware of holes on the bottom of your iron. If your iron has holes on the bottom, be sure to move it around as you press to make sure each part of the design is getting heat and pressure. You have a good application when you can see the weave of the fabric through the vinyl.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need help with fixing the design on your tote bag.

It is not recommended to wash your canvas or cotton tote bag in a washing machine as the fabric may shrink or lose it color and get out crumbled.